A group of 24 electrical engineering students of the University of Twente is planning a three week study tour to the United States of America and Canada. During this tour the students will visit numerous companies and universities and get a taste of the rich culture in both countries. Two aspects, technology and culture, are the key points during the study tour's visit. By means of this study tour the participants will gain insight into the visited countries' numerous technological advances and into their illusive culture.

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Looking back and beyond - 21/05/2016

Exhausted, yet extremely fulfilled I sit here at the Bay of San Francisco with the best view one could wish for; the Golden Gate Bridge. It's an amazing sight (and engineering feat) and it has been an amazing study tour…

The final day! - 20/05/2016

Friday, the last "full" day of our study tour. We woke up at 7am (which must have been way too early for those who had been celebrating Berjan's birthday last night) and took off to Campbell for a visit to Dialog Semico…

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We have a Go!

Two weeks ago we've achieved a Go, which means that we can go on with the preperations of our study tour! To achieve the go we needed to have a certain amount of resources available three months before departure, which …

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